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Wolf Quest

game-inspired art and stories, and tangential discussions typical of any affinity group. The discussion forums also connect players with wolf experts, allowing for exchange of information and questions outside of the game. The WolfQuest Web site also offers background information about wolf ecology and conservation, and educational materials for classroom use.

WolfQuest's impact is greatly expanded by a network of zoos and similar institutions involved in wolf education and conservation. All of these promote the game on their Web sites and in local marketing efforts to extend the reach of the project. Each also offers on-site wolf-related programming to entice players to visit and experience wolves in the real world.

From inception, WolfQuest had three sets of goals: cognitive goals in the areas of ethology, ecology, and conservation, affective and attitudinal goals in seeking to change players' attitudes about wolves and habitat conservation, and skills development goals such as getting players to develop descriptions, explanations,


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We've enjoyed the discussion here about WolfQuest, and thought we'd share the latest on the project development. This past spring (2010) we received supplemental funding...




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