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Wolf Quest

WolfQuest has three components that work together to reach and engage our primary audience of 9-15 year old game-playing youth. In an immersive 3D game environment, players take on the role of a lone dispersal wolf in Yellowstone National Park trying to find a mate, or in multiplayer mode, join a wolf pack made up of friends or other players. Through trial and error, instinct, and experience, players must learn how to hunt elk, cooperate with packmates, interact with stranger wolves, and compete with scavengers. Gameplay is designed to encourage players to exercise critical thinking and inquiry skills as they develop successful strategies, and develop a strong emotional connection with wolves, influencing their attitudes toward wolves and habitat conservation in the real world.

The WolfQuest game serves as a catalyst for a self-sustaining community of learners. Discussion forums (a standard feature of videogame sites) foster social learning amongst players as they share their experiences with wolves and nature inside and outside of the game, strategies and tips for playing the game,


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We've enjoyed the discussion here about WolfQuest, and thought we'd share the latest on the project development. This past spring (2010) we received supplemental funding...




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