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NPS Webrangers

Webrangers is a National Park Service program designed to raise awareness of national parks and programs, to introduce kids and families to the NPS Junior Ranger program, and encourage them to get up, get out, and explore, learn about, and protect their world.

Participants create an anonymous WebRanger name and password and create their own ranger station which serves as a base of operations. No personal information is collected. Once logged in, kids partake in a variety of activities - basic, intermediate, and advanced - as the system tracks progress through the site. There are currently 50 activities in the program, searchable by general topic, by activity name, by level of difficulty, and by activities not completed (a "to-do" list). In addition, a community section affords an opportunity to share pictures and stories of park experiences. A question of the week poses open-ended questions that kids can answer and share. (description continues...)


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My son and I talked about his thoughts on the web ranger web page, and he offered several suggestions. Before I list them, you might...



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