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You Einstein

In effect, each is an RPG "character class" like "elf" or "paladin."

There's a "base village" with characteristics of various great scientific communities past and present - the Institute for Advanced Studies, the Santa Fe Institute, Gottingen, the Cavendish, etc.---where different parties can mix and mingle before deciding what world to explore or mission to take on next (parties may also be able to run into each other in the worlds as well).

Included in this base are character-specific locales where all the characters of a particular type can get together and get to know each other, e.g. a place where all the "Einsteins" can gather, a place that is designed to be reflective of Einstein's life and thoughts.

These spaces, and the village as a whole, could be modifiable, particularly by players who've achieved a certain level of status in the game (a la Second Life); the worlds around them (that players explore) probably remain inviolate/pristine except


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Let me put one other thing out there for the group at this point. I think as we look at it now, what we...



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