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Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel is a leader in the development of large multi-touch screens. Multi-touch screens, for anyone unfamiliar with them, are just what they sound like: touch screens that allow users to employ multiple touch points on the screen simultaneously (and do different touch screen tasks simultaneously as well). Some of the potential advantages/opportunities this creates include:

Much faster, more efficient touch screen experiences

The facilitation of much more creative touch-screen applications

The development of simpler, cleaner, more unified interfaces (e.g. commands can be completely gestural)

Facilitation of multi-user touch-screen applications and activities

Multi-touch screens aren't new per se, but are only now really coming into their own and starting to get traction. There's a really nice demo of multi-touch screen possibilities by Perceptive Pixel founder Jeff Han from the 2006 TED conference here.


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Gary is right to point out that Perceptive Pixel is hardly the only game in town. What I wonder about this technology is how...



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