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Scope is a joint venture between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - Australia's equivalent of the National Science Foundation - and commercial broadcaster Network Ten. The weekly magazine television program, which debuted in 2005, is targeted at 8-12 year olds, connecting them to everyday science around them, and introducing them to role models - scientists and not - and how they use STEM content and practices at work or play.

Scope is supported by a website that includes limited video clips, episode-specific activities and external links, teacher support materials, and profiles of people featured in the series' stories. The episode guide and profiles are searchable by theme and curriculum area.

Initially, Scope aired on a weekday afternoon; currently, it is scheduled early on a weekday morning, suggesting that the primary audience has shifted from home viewers to recording for school use. A YouTube channel is in development, and episode copies are available for purchase by teachers.


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Hi. As the host of SCOPE (and employee of the CSIRO) let me try and answer the questions. I am not sure how science is treated...



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