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question are known, the answers are entered into the system and users are automatically scored as right or wrong with respect to their predictions.

Each user has an electronic "Swami card," a baseball-like card where their "˜batting averages" in each prediction category are recorded. Families can also play the game as a family, and get a family "Swami card" to track their collective predictive prowess.

The site will have leaderboards for every prediction category, and separate leaderboards for individuals and families, so there are a lot of ways for players to get recognition. As with baseball rankings, players will need an ever-growing minimum number of "at bats" to appear on the leaderboards, and "aat bats" will re-set to zero each year for the new "season" (at which point leaderboards for "˜lifetime batting average," and "˜total hits" in each category will be added to the mix). Every name of the leaderboards will be clickable; when you click on a user or family on the leaderboard, you can see their card.

In addition to the leaderboards, there will be categories/levels of achievement automatically affixed to (or changed on) users cards


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