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Dimension M Games

class. This helps to simplify math's complexities by presenting them in a format - videogames -- that today's students understand.

Tabula Digital supports many research projects, primarily used to validate the value of its software as it sells programs to school systems. Research into the use of Dimension M games has demonstrated that the games align with the ways in which students learn. Findings indicate that this form of immersive activity increases student motivation, time on task and the ability to apply learning in real world situations. Selected research suggests that games are most effective when used in classrooms, rather than in schools' computer labs.

Dimension M

DimensionM is designed to support multiple instruction models. Using 3-dimensional, first-person video game technology, students complete missions by entering reality-based environments where they challenge themselves in single-player format or they can challenge others in a fast-paced multiplayer format. The choice of single-player or multiplayer game formats provides schools with


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I am a parent of one of the players to the Dimension U/M program now grant it I'm not a scholar compared to you. I...



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