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Dimension M Games

Tabula Digita Inc. is an educational videogame company, based in New York City, that produces technology-based, immersive educational games for students and institutions, especially middle and high schools. The company was established in 2003. Its primary brand is DimensionM, designed to engage students in mathematics, especially pre-algebra and algebra. The objective of most of its games is to send students into a reality-based world where they partake in a series of missions that bring math into their world.

DimensionM games can be played in stand-alone (single player) and multiplayer (competitive) format, thus raising the question about which approach is more effective for teaching and for maintaining a future interest in math. The DimensionM instructional software is designed to teach and reinforce key algebraic concepts while engaging students in a series of first-person action adventure missions that incorporate three-dimensional graphics, sound, animation and storylines comparable to those in popular videogames. By successfully navigating a myriad of embedded elementary, middle, and high school level math and algebra lessons, students master the math concepts previously discussed in


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I am a parent of one of the players to the Dimension U/M program now grant it I'm not a scholar compared to you. I...



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