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more intrigue, each family member's characters will develop in secret, not visible to other family members until/unless one family member launches an attack or issues a challenge to another.

The characters themselves will be of standard types (monsters, fairies, etc.), but each with a subtle food or nutrition-related twist. Actual combat, when it comes to that, will be mainly humorous, subtly food-related and decidedly ungrisly.

To maintain ongoing engagement, and to enable families to cooperate as well as compete, the game will have multiple levels built in, with families moving from one level to the next as a group by banding together against "the system," a character-based representation of society's unhealthy temptations that has special weapons at its disposal (such as various types of "˜food bombs" that can only be defused by knowledge).

All players and their characters will have access to a mystical/tribal mountaintop kitchen/laboratory where they can bone up on


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Bob--Great questions--thanks much for posting them! The first q you raise was/is one that concerned us from the start. We *think* we've got it covered...




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