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Metabolis is a gaming environment/family competition where you literally "are what you eat."

Within the environment, each family member creates a set of characters that will "do battle with" or compete against the characters of other family members. In order for these characters to develop and grow, players have to come to the site each day and enter what they ate that day using a set of pull-down menus. What's eaten is translated behind the scenes by the system into nutrient values using standard algorithms. Consumption of specific nutrients or combinations of nutrients causes characters to develop in specific ways over the course of the following day; consumption of junk foods can have effects, too.

Players won't have access to the formulas for overall success, the formula to gain any specific power or know what effect any particular meal is going to have; they'll have to figure it out as they go, and come back every day to see what's happened. To add


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Bob--Great questions--thanks much for posting them! The first q you raise was/is one that concerned us from the start. We *think* we've got it covered...




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