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Making Science Cool

The first video in the series, "Why Do Science After-School?," makes a basic case for including science in afterschool programs: kids don't understand - and need to understand--that science is all around them, including in many domains of traditional afterschool activities; afterschool is an opportunity to go beyond the basics and shape tomorrow's leaders (with the implication that science will need to be part of that leadership profile if we're going to remain competitive); afterschool, by nature and training, is designed to engage kids overall, and therefore a unique opportunity to make kids who have previously been turned off to want to do science. These points are made by afterschool providers and illustrated by a multitude of still images of kids, many from at-risk population groups, engaged in science activities after school.

The second video, "Science Training for Afterschool Educators," showcases the training programs TASC provides afterschool educators, many of whom do not have extensive science backgrounds, to lead science activities for kids. The video nicely intercuts a progression of excerpts from a single lesson in the training program with commentary about the process and


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@Octavia I love that idea. I'll investigate whether these particular activities are available online. Most of the activities show are part of the After-School Science...



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