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Making Science Cool

While resources for afterschool programs remain a challenge, particularly in the current economic climate, the importance of these programs to children's education and well-being has never been more apparent. As our country seeks to upgrade STEM understanding among students, it's natural to turn to after-school programs to provide part of the solution. But informal science isn't well integrated into most after-school programs, mainly because afterschool providers don't believe they have the qualified personnel or other resources to accurately and engagingly incorporate science content and activities into their programs.

Recently, The After-School Corporation (TASC) launched a new video and social media campaign to try and change these perceptions, to persuade more after-school educators-- and the decision-makers who support and operate after-school programs--that informal science education has an important place in after-school learning, and that non-science professionals can be trained to deliver engaging science curriculum effectively. They're interested in getting your take on whether the program is effective and how you think it can be improved, but also hoping that you'll help them get the word out about it to afterschool providers and others who should know about it.


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How would you improve/help get the word out?
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@Octavia I love that idea. I'll investigate whether these particular activities are available online. Most of the activities show are part of the After-School Science...



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