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E-Migration, Park Polls

could be "˜caught" in it). As initially conceived, a destination for the bird is automatically generated as well, but this could become a more natural step in the banding process ("look up life history, destination") or could be information a virtual ranger "helping out" provides.

In any case, after banding a bird, the user is asked to "release" it. In cyberspace, this means casting it gently into the air in the direction of its migration. To do this, users provide the email address of someone who lives closer to the bird's migratory destination than they do (like everything else in cyberspace, virtual birds move from point to point via communications between machines; email, texting, IM are the "winds beneath their wings"). They click a release button and the banded bird flies up and out of their screen and into the "mail stream."

When the person they've sent the bird to opens the email, he/she finds a bird flying about in the confines of the body of the mail. The mail also contains two links: "Learn More About Me" and "Help Me Reach My Destination." Clicking on either one takes the recipient to a page where the recipient can learn more about the bird he/she received ("About Me"), learn about the park where the bird came


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