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E-Migration, Park Polls

On this site, we try to feature a mix of services that are already in the field and concepts still on the drawing board. The National Park Service is always looking for simple, innovative new media implementations, particularly for its Webrangers program. E-Migration and Park Polls (created with Grunwald Associates) are a couple of original concepts (among many) under ongoing consideration that they'd like to get your thoughts about/reactions to.

The concept behind E-Migration is that just like the real world, there are virtual birds migrating through cyberspace (from north to south and back again). When users visit a specific park's website, there are two or three species of virtual birds (real species native to that park) living on the site that they can "band" (users will be able to tell which sites have virtuals by listening for their songs and calls). In original conception, the banding operation was fairly simple - the user chooses a bird species and a bird and band number are automatically generated - but with current technologies the operation could become more elaborate and naturalistic without a lot of additional heavy lifting (e.g. a mist net could be generated as an over the page animation and randomized, animated birds


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Leopold Foundation wrote: > Of course most kids are going to want to choose the > charismatic megafauna. I'm not sure that the game > as described...



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