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The Global Ozone Project

In the GO3 Project, participating institutions (schools, afterschool programs like MESA, museums, and others) get a complete package of everything they need to monitor ozone and related environmental variables. This includes a kit that can be used to put together an industrial-strength ozone monitor (normally only available to scientists in the field), so that students not only learn about ozone, but also about scientific measurement, and how scientific measuring devices are put together and work.

The package also includes a full weather station to allow participants to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction, wind speed, and rain fall, all of which can impact ozone levels. And participating institutions also get a netbook computer, preloaded with software to facilitate the uploading of data from the ozone monitor and weather station to the GO3 site.

Once loaded, ozone data is made available to all users via a Google Earth overlay (you must have Google Earth loaded to see it) and


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The Anglo American School of Moscow is excited to be able to participate in this project. As of August 27, 2010 we have only...



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