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The Global Ozone Project

For many, ozone is an environmental issue that was resolved by the worldwide banning of CFCs. While the ozone hole over Antarctica may no longer be expanding, ground-level ozone, created by chemical reactions between nitrous oxides (e.g. from auto exhaust) and volatile organic compounds in the presence of sunlight and humidity, remains a serious problem, damaging human respiratory systems, crops, and ecosystems, as well as contributing to global warming. And it's capable of traveling long distances from its source - e.g. ozone emitted in China has been found to impact air quality as far away as California.

In short, it's a global problem, but to date there is no global system set up to measure and monitor ground-level ozone - on vast swaths of the planet, there is no measurement of ground-level ozone at all. The Global Ozone Project (a.k.a. GO3), an educational outreach project launched by 2B Technologies, a leading manufacturer of ozone monitors used by NOAA, EPA, and other government agencies, is aiming to change that.


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The Anglo American School of Moscow is excited to be able to participate in this project. As of August 27, 2010 we have only...



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