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Science for Citizens

We often talk about fragmentation as a serious issue for the informal science education community and its followers. Science for Citizens.net is out to solve this problem, at least when it comes to citizen science initiatives, providing an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-share catalog/clearinghouse of citizen science projects that's rich in best practices.

For example, let's suppose you're looking for a project to participate in. There's a search window on the home page, of course, but there's also (on the same page) a drop down of 18 topical areas you can choose to search on (for a hybrid search/browse experience) and a "surprise me" button that randomly pulls up a project (a la Google's "I feel lucky"). Advanced search is just a click away (it also comes up, topic pre-filled, when you search on one of the pre-fab content categories), and allows you to narrow your search by cost ("free or no cost"), child-appropriateness, school-appropriateness, indoor vs. outdoor, do-it-yourself vs. team, difficulty level (from a pull-down), time commitment (pull-down), and location (near your zip).


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Darlene--I think the issue you may be facing is the length of the form projects have to fill out to be part of the Sci4Cits...




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