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SchoolTube: Science

Spending time on SchoolTube quickly gives one a flavor of where the user content creation revolution is intersecting with science education today, at least when it comes to user-created video. Student-created videos range from the fairly sophisticated, if still fairly simple from a production value perspective (e.g. Torque, by Eric) to openly entertaining, such as Dabbs Elementary School's Wacky Scientist series.

Teacher-contributed lectures and demonstrations are heavy on crowd-pleasers (see e.g. Fun with Liquid Nitrogen), sometimes with Socratic/discovery-based approaches slyly baked in - for example, it's hard to watch a clip like Alkali Reaction without wondering why each chemical element reacts more explosively than the one before it. There are teacher-to-teacher videos, too, such as the funny, homespun Excuse Grinder.

Some of the best combinations of science and production values occur, not surprisingly, when whole classes work together with their teachers to produce them (it often takes a village to make a video,


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In response to Tomcoty about fact checking in science videos: The large number of videos uploaded to SchoolTube precludes our being able to do this. We...



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