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Views of the National Parks

In and of themselves, fully realized multimedia modules of the scope NPS has aimed for have the potential to deliver experiences that go well beyond what a typical visitor is likely to enjoy on his/her park visit, but of course fall short in other ways. So the Park Service also committed itself to adding dimensions to Views that aren't typically available in the park experience (except under special circumstances) as well, including:

Integration of natural and cultural resources - most of our parks are implicitly both natural and cultural; Views aims to make the intertwining of natural and cultural explicit wherever possible in its modules.

Multicultural perspectives - the program takes the position that full, rich understanding requires information presented from multiple perspectives. Scientific knowledge about a plant, for example, should be accompanied by information on how different peoples have incorporated that plant into their cultures. Many Views modules present such perspectives; portions have been translated into Spanish as well (including the entire Wilderness module)


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Hi Bruce, thanks for your response and resources. I will check them out. To clarify my comment on unfulfilled expectations... The quality of the online resource...



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