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Views of the National Parks

The National Park Service's Views program, targeted to middle and high school age children (and those who teach them) was started with a simple premise: People will protect what they understand, and it is the responsibility of the NPS to help all its citizens understand the natural and cultural resources in our parks so they can become responsible stewards of all our planet's resources.

To reach the target audience, and provide the next best thing to the park experience itself, NPS decided it needed to go with a heavily multimedia, immersive approach - lots of 360 degree panoramas, soundscapes, 3D images, interactive graphics - and very limited text. Often such ambitious projects founder in cultural clashes between new media outsiders and entrenched insiders; NPS avoided this problem by involving park staff and/or subject matter experts intimately and centrally at every stage of the process from initial conceptual design (in fact, module concepts themselves typically come from Park Service staffers or domain experts) to finished product. As a result, dozens of parks now have Views modules.


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