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as well as the impact of rising sea levels on nearby Boston Harbor.

Many museums and aquariums have been reluctant to put much of what's in their institutions online out of concern that their online sites will cannibalize in-person visits to their facilities. The NEAq deals with this by designing each tour chapter to complement and work with a specific exhibit in the aquarium, incorporating fast and not so furious exhibit-to-exhibit walking footage as transitions between many chapters, and by providing printable maps showing users where to go to in the building to play each tour section. Some museums and aquariums have also been limited in their ability to use on-site mobile by problems with cell coverage in their facilities, a problem NEAq has addressed by encouraging downloads prior to visits and exploring smart phone technology.

In the case of Blue Impact, NEAq also provides descriptions and links to all the outside organizations referenced in the tour, as well as linking to NEAq's innovative Live Blue Initiative. In Live Blue, users choose one of ten endangered ocean habitats (e.g. the Ross Sea, the Bay of Fundy, the Bahamas, etc.). Once they do, they get


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