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NEAq Tours

The New England Aquarium recently launched a series of online tours optimized to run on mobile phones. Each tour is broken up into a series of chapters, combining a variety of video footage, animations, interviews, and narration. The tours are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or closed caption, and can be downloaded from the Aquarium's site or from iTunes.

The first of the two tours, NEAq Insider, takes users behind the scenes at the Aquarium, exhibit by exhibit, answering questions like how staff gets sharks out of the tanks (for their regular medical check-ups) with expert interviews, providing lots of dramatic footage and fun stories about many of the specific individual animals in the facility along the way. Several of the sections are complemented by "bonus chapters" that typically take users outside the institution to see some of the animals in the wild and/or to witness related rescue operations.

The second tour, Blue Impact, focuses on the effects of climate change on the various species in the Aquarium, with chapters on sea turtles, jellyfish, right whales, shorebirds, lobsters, and coral,


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