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spectrum, opportunities to bring science through process to others who aren't necessarily looking for engagement in science at all.

Just as a service like Ning allows ordinary users to create their own social network services (instead of just having to accept social networking as defined by Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace), Our-Playground.org envisions providing tools to allow ordinary Americans to design and execute their own citizen science projects, to make their own scientific inquiries, and find answers with the help of their fellow users. In taking this step, Our-Playground.org believes it is aligned with research conducted by Grunwald Associates and others showing media users, especially children, increasingly want to be the authors of their own experiences.

Another key difference from what's come before: in providing these tools, all of which will involve and incorporate STEM processes, Ourplayground.org will not limit inquiries to traditional scientific disciplines. The project seeks to "start where participants are" and then show/teach how the scientific method and scientific principles can help them better understand chosen areas of interest. There will be art projects on the site, music projects, film projects,


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Hi Elizabeth - I would love to talk more. We continue to be interested in developing this idea and would welcome you (and others) who...



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