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Bomb Squad

major reason for this has been the daunting nature of the physics that defined these dynamics, a problem Bomb Squad addresses through extensive use of music, an imaginative visual treatment that animation makes possible, and liberal use of humor. Much of the songs and score are inspired by the smoke and sweat-filled dance halls of the swing era - a roller coaster of rhythm and song that dips and weaves through the fear and wonder that ushered in the atomic age. But a variety of other musical forms are represented, too - everything from German classical/folk to Delta blues. The primary target audience for the film is young adults (18-25), but it's clear from the trailer and other materials that the potential reach is much wider.

No less of an authority than Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Rhodes, author of the definitive history The Making of the Atomic Bomb, writes (after having read the script) that Bomb Squad does "an extraordinary job of extracting the essential story, which is inherently dramatic and compelling, from the matrix of science and technology in which it was embedded, and bringing it to life."


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Bomb Squad is a fantastic project which exposes us to an important and unforgettable history in an ingenious, original and entertaining way. Getting the public interested in...



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