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Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is a new feature film/animated musical telling the story of 20th century physics from Marie Curie (who introduces the story) to the detonation of the atomic bomb. In development for nine years, the film will feature a who's who of physics stars, including Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, Enrico (and Laura) Fermi, Ernest Rutherford, Lise Meitner, Edward Teller, and more (plus major political figures - Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin et al). Concepts and materials are characters, too - uranium, plutonium, heavy water, and the bomb itself (among others) all have singing parts.

Parts of this story have been told before - there have been feature films on the Manhattan Project like Fat Man and Little Boy and, of course, Michael Frayn's award-winning play, Copenhagen, which recapitulates some of the ideas of quantum physics in the context of a controversial meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg in 1941. But no one outside print has ever tried to capture the full richness of the story from start to finish, in particular the interrelationships between these figures before and after the rise of the Nazis. A


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Bomb Squad is a fantastic project which exposes us to an important and unforgettable history in an ingenious, original and entertaining way. Getting the public interested in...



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